Nectar Chocolate Truffle


Flavor: Chocolate Truffle

Gone are the days of low-quality whey protein. Gone are the days of those blah-tasting protein drinks that promise much but deliver little. Nectar™ once and for all breaks the mold by combining Promina™, the highest quality whey protein isolate ever developed, with a flavoring system so fruitilicious that you will never drink a different whey protein shake ever again.

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1. What is Nectar™?
Nectar™ is a whey protein isolate powder that has the taste and sensory characteristics of fresh fruit juice.
2. Why only whey protein isolate?
Although more expensive than protein concentrates, protein isolates are a minimum of 90% protein and have zero fat and zero carbohydrates. They are considered the luxury proteins and have a refined taste and color profile. Promina™ brand whey protein is the only protein source used in Nectar™ because of its superior neutral taste, solubility and mouthfeel.
3. How can Nectar™ be pure protein without sugar . . . it tastes too sweet and too good?
First, Nectar™ contains the purest whey protein ever created. It is snow white without the usual protein aftertaste associated with most whey proteins. Second, the flavors are engineered specifically so that Nectar™ has no protein off-notes or aftertastes. Only the taste of fresh fruit is noticeable. The sweetness comes from the precise blend of two high intensity, non-nutritive sweeteners.
4. How much water should Nectar™ be mixed in?
This is based on taste preference. Nectar™ tastes delicious in 8–16 ounces of water per full scoop. We recommend to start with 8 ounces of water. If it tastes too strong, then dilute it/weaken it with an appropriate amount of water.
5. Can Nectar™ be consumed in any other way?
Yes! Nectar™ can be eaten like candy right out of the container. Furthermore, Nectar™ can be blended with fruit, fruit juice or ice for new, exciting tastes and mouthfeels.

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Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts Serving Size 1/4 SCOOP (7 GM) Servings Per Container 130 Amount Per Serving % Daily Value Calories 25 N/A* Calories From Fat 0 N/A* Total Fat 0 Gm N/A* Saturated Fat 0 Gm N/A* TRANS FAT 0 Gm N/A* Cholesterol 0 Mg N/A* Sodium 15 Mg 1% Potassium 40 Mg 1% Total Carbohydrate 0 Gm N/A* Dietary Fiber 0 Gm N/A* Sugars 0 Gm N/A* Protein 6 Gm 12% VITAMIN A 0 N/A* CALCIUM 0 2% PHOSPHOROUS 0 2% VITAMIN C 0 N/A* IRON 0 N/A* MAGNESIUM 0 N/A*


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