Beef-up with Carnivor : The world’s first been protein Isolate’
It has long been know that bodybuilders and strength athletes consume high amounts of beef to help building muscle and increase strength. The muscle building power of beef cannot be disputed. Ask any bodybuilder and they will tell you that they make their biggest muscle gains and feel their strongest when they eat beef. Now, thanks to the development of an advanced bioengineered beef protein, MuscleMeds has formulated the most sought after muscle building protein ever created. Carnivor is unlike any Other Protein in existence.

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The world’s first all beef protein isolate is more concentrated than whey:
Using new advanced extraction, clarification, hydrolysis and isolation technologies Carnivor’s Beef Protein Isolate delivers the muscle building power of beef with higher amino acid levels than all other protein sources used in supplements including: whey, soy, milk and egg. Carnivor Beef Protein Isolate is even 350% more concentrated in anabolic muscle building aminos than a prime sirloin steak!

Anabolic Nitrogen Retention Technology (ANRT) Recycles Aminos and Minimized Ammonia:
Anabolic Nitrogen Retention Technology (ANRT) Recycles Aminos and Minimized Ammonia:
ANRT is a major muscle building breakthrough in protein supplementation. While protein is critical for muscle growth, protein can sometimes actually decrease performance and muscle growth if nitrogenous waste products like ammonia are not recycled back towards the muscle building pathway and prevent the build-up of debilitating toxic scavengers such as ammonia. ANRT nitrogen retention factors contained in CARNIVOR include: GKG (Glutamine-alpha-ketoglutarate), OKG (Ornithin-alpha-ketoglutarate), AKG (alpha-ketoglutarate) and KIC (alpha-ketoisocaproate).

20 times the Creatine content of Steak: 
One of the attributes of eating beef is its naturally high creatine content. Beef is one of the best natural sources of creatine. To push the anabolic activation and cell volumizing effects of creatine even greater, each serving of Carnivor supplies 30 times more creatine than whole beef food sources to ssaturate your muscles for explosive strength and growth.

Added BCAA for increased Anabolic and Anti-Catabolic Effects:
To further boost the anabolic muscle building action of Carnivor, addition Branch Chain Amino Acids are added to the purified Beef Protein Isolate. The enhanced BCAA levels promote a positive nitrogen balance, increase protein synthesis, decrease catabolism, improve workout performance and reduce muscle fatigue.

Throughout history, the ravenous appetite that ‘men of muscle’ have for top quality beef has become as legendary as their super-human feats. Ancient warriors, Greek Olympic athletes, strongmen like Sandow and even Roman gladiators craved and consumed pounds of beef per day to build muscle to boost their combat prowess. Now, in modern times this muscle building nutrition carries on in the bodybuilding world with Carnivor!
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Serving Size 1 scoop Servings Per Container 28 Amount Per Serving % DV Calories 124.00 Calories from Fat 0.00 Total Fat 0.00 g 0% Saturated Fat 0.00 g 0% Trans Fat 0.00 g Cholesterol 0.00 mg 0% Total Carbohydrate 8.00 g 3% Dietary Fiber 0.00 g 0% Protein 23.00 g 46% Sugars 0.00 g Vitamin A 80.00 IU 2% Vitamin A 80.00 IU 2% Vitamin C 25.00 mg 42% Vitamin C 25.00 mg 42% Thiamin 0.10 mg 7% Thiamin 0.10 mg 7% Riboflavin 0.20 mg 12% Riboflavin 0.20 mg 12% Niacin 8.20 mg 41% Niacin 8.20 mg 41% Vitamin B6 6.50 mg 325% Vitamin B6 6.50 mg 325% Vitamin B12 100.00 mcg 1667% Vitamin B12 100.00 mcg 1667% Phosphorus 20.00 mg 2% Phosphorus 20.00 mg 2% Magnesium 2.00 mg 0% Magnesium 2.00 mg 0% Sodium 44.00 mg 2% Sodium 44.00 mg 2% Potassium 6.00 mg 0% Potassium 6.00 mg 0% Calcium 23.00 mg 2% Calcium 23.00 mg 2% ** Daily Value (DV) not established


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